In twenty five years of living, I must admit I have been wrong hundreds if not thosands of times.  So when it comes to the app, Pinterest I must admit I was completely wrong.  My best friend has been addicted to the app for months now always showing me the wedding ideas and home decoration ideas she pins on there.  I labeled it as a girls only site and wantednothing to do with it.
Thankfully I took a chance and decided to explore the app.  What I found is that it has a lot of uses for guys as well.  For example, I don't have to post pictures on their, however i can explore pictures and pin pictures that are appealing to me to one of my boards.
A guy looking to to upgrade his backyard scenery could look under the sections, gardening and home/decor and find tons of ideas to choose his next fire pit or custom bbq.  Also a guy could look under Men's Fashion to view clothing styles and to help select his next wrist watch.
I really feel that the site gives someone the opportunity to expand their credibility especially in fashion and home/decor.  If the person shows a savvy sense of style in the pages they create and post they could become notorious as someone that people online look towards as an example, building up their private industry.

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