Dreaminder really caught my eye!  I am a huge believer in following your dreams and setting high goals for yourself.  Dreaminder is a free tool that helps you remember what you want from your life. Reflect on your life, write down your dream and set the date when you want to be reminded  of it.  This free web application could be extremely useful for any type of goal, however it made me think of a goal like achieving a certain amount of money in a particular bank account.  In six months when you are alerted of your goal with a reminder, how close are your to reaching that amount of money in a bank account ?
darryl hardwick
5/28/2013 10:53:51 am


Like you I am a big advocate of pursuing your dreams. i often tell young people 'don't be afraid to dream' This new generation doesn't seem to be as driven or have the self confidence to become anything they want. I teach at the high school level and by the time many of the students graduate they have no goal or purpose. I encourage you to continue to dream and continue to be an advocate to other's in pursuing their dreams. If we can influence one then we've done our job,but let's influence everyone we know..Great job!!!



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