Deal with professional portfolios has been much more beneficial than I could have ever imagined.  Sites that I had never heard of nor dealt with such as LinkedIn and personal web pages create a place where you can create an actual advertisement whether it is yourself working towards your career goal or for example our baseball program will be able to give our fans constant updates on our season and the professional careers of our past players!
The benefits of LinkedIn are very simple, I had no clue how to work the website or create an account and there were constant pop ups reqqustions my professional and personal information and the next thing I knew the my page was formatted and set up for me!  I felt accomplished with very little labor!  The other benefit is that companyies and other professionals are able to search and find you based off of your information that your page contains and if they are searching for it!
With LinkedIn all of the pages are formatted the same, so there is a very difficult way of making your page stand out.  This is when past employment or the university the individual may have earned their degree may trump the search process.  Which could hurt the large amount of young indivi

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    Matt Souza, 25 years old.  Assistant Baseball Coach- Fresno Pacific University.
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