Under the link featuring Statistics in Sports I found a tab labeled Career in Sports Statistics.  I was very curious as to what and possibly how this was considered an actual career.  Then I began to think of all the record keeping and time commitment it would take so I knew just then that I had to explore!
The website states that it is very valuable to begin a career path as an intern or part-time worker for a professional team, college or statistics agency.  This career path is similar to any other career especially that of one in the sports world.  As a college coach it is extremely difficult to immediately become a Head Coach, most of the time you begin as a graduate assistant or lower assistant coach and through hard work gradually work your way up the coaching ladder until a place is willing to take a chance on you as a head coach.
The section I found most interesting was labeled, "what kinda of data do you collect and analyze beyond team and individual performance?"  The answers of long-term trends, performance by age and effects of changes in roles, equipment and stadiums was something I could relate to right away.  In baseball performance by age is critical when it comes to players receiving new contracts, as well as how they perform against certain teams in certain baseball stadiums is always fun to view also.  In college baseball, new bats were created a few years ago, these bats have drastically decreased the power numbers in college baseball, somethin

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