After going over the Top 100 Tools for Learning article, I feel like an aboslute caveman!  Yes, I have always been aware of many of the top tools like, Facebook, Google, and Twitter but up until three weeks ago I had no clue what Dropbox was and after seeing it all the way up to #6 on the top 100 list I feel like society has passed me up compe.   I had a former coach of mine who is now at Long Beach State University ask for me to send him a video of a local baseball recruit through Dropbox.  My response was simple, "what is dropbox" his statement of "dude you have got to be kidding me" made me feel 2 feet tall!  My old coach doesn't have a twitter or facebook account and made me feel like I had fell way behind society!  I have been able to learn about the benefits of Dropbox and will use it to commuicate articles and video with my players for the rest of my coaching career.
05/26/2013 8:51pm

I enjoyed reading this post. Your response reminded me of my old coach. :) Technology is always changing and it can be very difficult to keep up with. I am also a coach, and am fortunate enough to have other mentors around me which are always showing me new tools to use. My favorite app I use for coaching is "Coach's Eye". I have it downloaded to my phone and my iPad that I bring to practices and games. Our school baseball coach was who introduced it to me for volleyball. It can record anything (this also picks up me speaking), and allows you to replay it in slow motion, draw on the video and send the video to any email. I use this the most breaking down my player's hitting. After I record them a few times I go over with each player my notes. I then send them the video as homework to go over themselves when they have time. If you are not using this already, I highly recommend this app.


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