The article "Generation Always-On" brings up concerning points about our youth education for years to come.  The studies showing that the attention span of this generation has decreased from that of the previous generations shows that technology and parts of social media maintain space in the human brain. 
I feel that as long as education systems continue to push towards a fast paced shifting system then our youths will have success.  However, if the system that I was brought up in takes places with lots of in class reading with a subject per hour ration then our classrooms could be in trouble.
I agree with the statement that in the year 2020 the brains of teens will struggle.  The relability of social media to communicate definitely decreases the face to face communication performance.  As well as the ability to find scholarly information!  When teens are asked a question these days, before they even think about the answer they whip out their iphones and google search the answer, it is creating a lack of ability to carry a deep thought process which would result in quick and irrational decisions down the road!
05/21/2013 5:47pm

I enjoyed reading your blog about the Always On generation. Both of us had similiar opinions in regards to the generation attention spans decreasing. I do believe that it is due to the most popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter because of the constant mobile phone alerts and emails. My fear is that the future generation will not know how to think independently or even know how to personally communicate.
I look forward to reading your future post.

Kailey Allen
05/25/2013 12:51pm

I really enjoyed reading your thoughts and opinions about technology in education. I do agree that the students of today have access to instantaneous answers in education. I would also agree that the students of today have lost the basic communication skills needed. The basic needs to communicate has been lost because kids can just text their friends or use some other sources of media to communicate. I feel it is important to have to personal communication with people rather than what is being utilized in today's generation. I believe social media has been rewarding but it has almost overtaken all communication which in my opinion has been negative. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts and opinions.


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