I am embarrassed to say that up until this afternoon I had never heard of "linkedIn" or anything about it.  After creating an account it was rather easy for me to see the differences between LinkedIn and Facebook.

I have been a facebook user for nearly 7 years now.  I use facebook as a simple social networking tool, it allows for me to stay in touch with friends from my past as well as update my friends on my life through my posts and pictures.  I do not use it as an advertising tool in any sort of way.  Meanwhile, LinkedIn seems to be an online resume application that serves as the purpose of networking with other individuals that share your same professional interests.  I view it as a way to promote yourself professionally through your page as well as a way to keep an online resume updated through your professional advances and activities.  It was very clever of the website to ask you questions on your past work experience and education as a way of creating your page for you, without the user having to decide how t

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