I am in my third year serving as an assistant baseball coach and as the recruting coordinator for Fresno Pacific Univeristy.  My ultimate goal is to someday become a college professor and head baseball coach at the California Junior College level.

In order for this to happen I need to come up with a great coaching resume filled with tons of contacts and support from others in the coaching world.  The great coaching resume will come from winning games, and to win games one must recruit greatly players.  I preach a family style atmosphere here at Fresno Pacific, the students will be at a place that truly does care about them on and off the field.

I work as hard as I can in the recruiting world.  I want to get out on week nights and weekends to see as many players that I possibly can.  In doing so I have met a ton of collegues in the coaching world that have come to respect the time and effort that I put into our program,  there is a possibility of getting several different letteres of recommendation from these coaches in the future if I ever have a chance at a head coaching job. 

I have learned that the best networking strategy is to simply be yourself, your true colors will come out at some point so if you are simply your regular self everyday then your players and coaching colleagues will come to respect you a lot m

Jordan Glessner
5/30/2013 08:48:25 pm

I was also challenged with the opportunity of recruiting as the Head Coach at the Junior college level. This was my first shot at coaching and I felt a bit overwhelmed at first. Luckily, my Assistant Coach was the Women's Head Basketball Coach, who had a lot of experience in the recruiting world. He showed me the importance in making connections with other coaches, showing up to a lot of their games so they know you on a first name basis! This will help them know what you look for in a student athlete. We started out on various recruiting websites, which I thought was an easy route, but then I realized it is way more personal and rewarding if you show up to a player's game. Great post!

Caleb Canterbury
5/31/2013 01:20:20 am


I think that’s awesome what you’re doing with recruiting. I am not a recruiting coach but I have some friends that are and they say how challenging it can be. I think you have a great attitude towards it thought. I agree if you are yourself and up front that’s the strongest tool that you can have. I know how the world is changing into more technology fit place and a lot of coaches are turning to technology for recruiting. It will be interesting to see how this technology will affect the recruiting game. I think some technology tools that could be a benefit are Skype, Twitter, and maybe even Fackbook. I look forward to hearing more of your ideas. Have a good one.


6/2/2013 09:27:03 am


Congrats on all your success thus far. I met you at a trosky showcase camp in January, I am an assistant coach at SSU. I think it is really cool we are both in the same program. I applaud your efforts and your dedication to your career. Right now is an exciting time for you and your school and they are lucky to have someone like you, also you throw a mean B.P. ( I seen it lol).
There is no doubt that all this social media and networking stuff we are doing will be valuable in the future. I truly believe in the saying that "its not what you know but who you know".
I too have had the opportunity to do some recruiting for SSU and I know it is not easy watching game after game after game. But that is the nature of the beast and it is exciting when you see that player that you are looking for. Coach Goelz always says its about recruiting great players and if you do so your going to be alright. I was fired up to find out your in this program and I wish you continued success.

Best Regards,
Travis Babin

6/2/2013 01:42:33 pm

I love how you said the best networking strategy is to be yourself. This is very true. I was involved with volleyball recruiting at a larger university and can tell you first hand that some coaches will tell you whatever you want to hear, and others will tell you the truth. I was fortunate to be at a university where the coaches were quality people who cared about their players. I heard many stories of what other coaches promised players or even other coaches, but they were empty words. The true colors will come out eventually, and I think a coach with integrity will receive glowing letters of recommendations.

Nikki Schrey
6/2/2013 02:08:02 pm

While I have no experience as a recruiter in the college athletic arena, I do know that it is no easy task. As a former college athlete I remember the time and effort my assistant coach put into recruiting on top of the hours as an assistant. Networking is a huge tool for recruitment and I'm sure you have to use all the networks at your disposal in many instances. The fact that you preach a family style environment at FPU is probably a great and effective tool in recruiting. Players want to feel comfortable wherever they decide to play and emphasizing that they will be supported on and off the field will make them feel that level of comfort. Seeing as many players as you can during the week and working as hard as you can with recruiting is hopefully paying off for you and the team. I wish you continued success with your recruitment efforts.

Kailey Allen
6/2/2013 04:14:15 pm

I really enjoyed your comments about FPU coming from a family like environment. It is comforting to know that the people you work with are great resources for future networking connections. I agree that recruiting is difficult and it is not easy but when you have made those social connections it makes it easier. To know that you can call up a baseball coach and he can refer you to some good players is a huge advantage that most coaches don't have. I would also agree that the best networking and marketing tool is to be yourself. Social media and networking are the future and it looks like you are working in the right direction.


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